Visualization Cluster & Cave

The CAVE is a cube with a side length of 2.7m. The floor is made of a three layer laminated safety glass, covered by a rear projection screen while the walls and ceiling are built of dark plexiglass screens. The images are rear projected at WUXGA resolution by five Projectiondesign F35 AS3D single chip active stereo DLP projectors with separate inputs for both left and right pictures. The large-size and immersive projection encourages users to discuss their datasets with on-site colleagues. Furthermore, it is possible discuss results with worldwide partners in collaborative working environments while looking at the same data.

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HPSS Data Management

HPSS is a Hierarchical Storage Management System (HSM) which is able to manage petabytes of data on disk and tape storage. With HPSS, HLRS is providing a near line storage system which allows to store data securely for a medium time frame, typically the project life time. Data is stored with two different copies on tape media. Nevertheless, a direct connection to the HPC system and a specific system layout allow for high data transfer rates in the Gigabyte per second range and short recall times. HPSS is best suited for data which needs to be stored between data production and data analysis phases and for data which has a long term value.

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Trouble Ticket Submission Form

On this page, you can report any kind of issues with the HPC resources of the HLRS.

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Status & Maintenance

Regular maintenance on HWW systems takes place on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 14:00 - 18:00.

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