Golden Spike Award

Each year, representatives of the national research community using the high-performance computing resources of HLRS meet in Stuttgart-Vaihingen for the annual HLRS Results and Review Workshop. During the two day event, participants present and discuss their research projects from the past 12 months. Of all projects presented at the HLRS Results and Review Workshop, the steering committee of HLRS chooses three particularly excellent ones to honor them with a special trophy: The HLRS Golden Spike Award.

Click here for a list of all recipients of the Golden Spike Award.

Decision criteria for the Golden Spike Awards include:

  • Scientific relevance (top in their research field)
  • Imperative of high-performance computing for their research
  • Optimal usage of HPC equipment in terms of optimization, parallelization, and overall performance
  • Presentation format of the results at the Results and Review Workshop.

2018 Awards

On October 5, 2018, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Nagel of the TU-Dresden, a member of the HLRS steering committee, announced the following three research projects as winners of the 21st Annual Golden Spike Awards:

Towards clean propulsion with synthetic fuels: Computational aspects and analysis
Mathis Bode (Institut für Technische Verbrennung, RWTH Aachen)

Sulfur in ethylene epoxidation on silver
Travis Jones (Inorganic Chemistry, Electronic Structure Group, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society)

DNS of compressible turbulent boundary layers with adverse pressure gradients
Christoph Wenzel (Institute for Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics, University of Stuttgart)

For more information, see 2018 Golden Spike Awards Recognize Outstanding Computational Research.

2018 Golden Spike Award winners, together with the Results and Review Workshop Organizing Committee. (Photo: HLRS)
2018 Golden Spike Award Winners