Cover InSiDE Spring 2020

Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland - Innovative Supercomputing in Germany

InSiDE is published twice a year by The GAUSS Centre for Supercomputing (HLRS, LRZ, JSC). It includes information about events in supercomputing in Germany and gives an outlook on workshops in the field. Further information can be found here.


News Features

  • HLRS Celebrates Inauguration of New Supercomputer “Hawk”
  • Jülich Supercomputing Centre Researchers Collaborate and Innovate at the Front Line of Quantum Computing Technology
  • GCS Centres Support Research to MitigateImpact of COVID-19 Pandemic

Science Features

  • High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence Decode the Language of Life in Proteins
  • Researchers Build Biomolecule Tolerance with Supercomputing Simulations
  • Supercomputing Simulations Help Researchers Peer Inside Combustion Processes


  • EuroCC and CASTIEL Will Build European Network of HPC Expertise
  • EU Project Sano on Computational Medicine
  • CompBioMed 2 Project Helps Simulate the Human Being


  • JSC Hosts 10th NIC Symposium
  • HLRS Addresses Social and Ethical Implications of AI and Machine Learning
  • Bavarian Quantum Computing Exchange Brings Researchers Together to Explore Computers of the Future