Cover: inSiDE Spring 2017

Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland - Innovative Supercomputing in Germany

inSiDE is published twice a year by The GAUSS Centre for Supercomputing (HLRS, LRZ, JSC). It includes information about events in supercomputing in Germany and gives an outlook on workshops in the field.

Readers are invited to participate in these workshops which are part of the PRACE Advanced Training Centres (PATCs) and hence are open to all European researchers.

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Spring 2017 Contents

News Events

  • GCS: Delivering 10 Years of Integrated HPC Excellence for Germany
  • New Chairman of the Board of Directors at LRZ
  • Changes in the GCS Board of Directors
  • GCS Continues as Hosting Member of PRACE 2
  • The Ju?lich Supercomputing Centre Launches the New SimLab Quantum Materials
  • HLRS Presents Visualization Applications at CeBIT 2017
  • HLRS Opens New Building as Training Center
  • Lord Mayor of Stuttgart Fritz Kuhn visits HLRS
  • Pre-Commercial Procurement of Human Brain Project Completed
  • 5th PRACE Implementation Phase Project Started
  • Summer of Simulation 2016
  • Supercomputing in Scientific & Industrial Problems (SSIP) 2017
  • The 16th Annual HLRS/hww Workshop
  • The 64th IDC HPC User Forum
  • 8th Blue Gene Extreme Scaling Workshop
  • The PRACE 2017 Winterschool
  • 2nd EasyBuild User Meeting: A Growing Community Gathers at JSC
  • Intel MIC Programming & High Performance Computing in Atmosphere Modelling and Air Related Environmental Hazards @ IT4Innovations, Czech Republic
  • Student Cluster Competition 2016
  • New Literature from HLRS


  • Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Numerical Predictions of Primary Atomization
  • Large Scale I/O of an Open-Source Earthquake Simulation Package
  • The Next Generation of Hydrodynamical Simulations of Galaxy Formation
  • First-Principles Design of Novel Materials for Spintronics Applications
  • Applications of External Users on GCS Computers Stability Confinement of the Brain Connectome
  • Lipid Transport by the ABC Transporter MDR3
  • Dark Matter Properties from a Supercomputer
  • Towards Exascale Computing with the Model for Prediction Across Scales
  • Rapid and Accurate Calculation of Ligand-Protein Binding Free Energies
  • The Cosmological Web Portal has gone Online at LRZ
  • EXAHD: An Exa-Scalable Approach for Higher-Dimensional Problems in Plasma Physics and Beyond


  • MoeWE – Modular Training Programme on High Performance Computing for Professionals
  • Helmholtz Data Federation
  • CATALYST: The Next Generation of Big Data Analytics at HLRS
  • Next Generation of QPACE Operational
  • EXCESS Project Presents Energy- Aware Software Stack
  • Bringing eScience to the Cloud with PaaSage
  • The Mont-Blanc Project: Second Phase successfully finished
  • ArCTIC – Adsorption Chiller Technology for IT Cooling

Centers Systems Trainings

  • LSC Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
  • HLRS Höchstleistungsrechenzentrum Stuttgart
  • JSC Ju?lich Supercomputing Centre
  • Many-Core Cluster “CooLMUC3“ at LRZ
  • DGX-1 and Teramem
  • HPC Courses and Tutorials