Cray XE6 Optimization Workshop

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Cray XE6 Optimization Workshop


In Dec. 2010, HLRS has installed a first Cray XE6 system with a performance of 10 TFlop/s. The final XE6 system with a performance of 1 PFlop/s is expected to Be operational in Q3/2011. We strongly encourage you to use the already existing small system to port your applications to the new architecture as early as possible. To support such first effort we invite important users to participate in a special course Cray XE6 Optimization Workshop. With this course, we will give all necessary information to move applications from the current NEC SX-9 or Nehalem cluster to the upcoming Petaflop system. The Cray XE6 installed in 2011 will provide our users with a new level of performance. To harvest this potential will require all our efforts. We are looking forward to working with you on these opportunities.

General Information


see link to detailed program


Cray XE6 Architecture
The CRAY Programming Environment – Part I - Modules and Compiler
The CRAY Programming Environment – Part II - Programming considerations
Optimization I - Methodology
Optimization I - Using Craypat to profile applications
Optimization II - Memory, Vectorization, Caches
Optimization III - Shared Memory, OpenMP
Optimization IV - I/O
Optimization V - Gemini and Scaling
Co-array FORTRAN on Cray XE6
UPC on Cray XE6




Stefan Andersson, Jason J. Beech-Brandt, and Charles Henriet from Cray


via online registration form


for registration is Jan. 19, 2010 (extended deadline)


Members of German universities and public research institutes: none,
others: 300 EUR (includes food and drink at coffee breaks, will be collected on the first day of the course, cash only)


Programming experience in C or Fortran, some knowledge about parallel programming


Additional information can be found, e.g., at
Cray XE6 (Hermit) at HLRS

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