German-Russian Conference "Supercomputing in Scientific and Industrial Problems"

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German-Russian Conference "Supercomputing in Scientific and Industrial Problems"


The conference aims to bring together researchers from universities and research labs of Russia and Germany to discuss the state of the art for supercomputing in solving scientific and industrial problems. It will focus on relevant numerical methods and supercomputing technologies, on the analysis of such methods and technologies, and on supercomputer modeling of complex problems related to continuum mechanics and industrial applications.


  • advanced numerical methods
  • high-accurate numerical schemes
  • effective parallel algorithms
  • DNS and turbulence modeling
  • gas dynamics modeling
  • multiphase flows
  • geophysics modeling
  • structure mechanics

The book of abstracts of the Moscow conference 2016 (09.03.2016-11.03.2016)


coming soon...

Organizing Committee

Prof. Michael Resch
Dr. Natalia Currle-Linde
Dr. Ralf Schneider
Dipl.-Math Uwe Küster

Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics:
Prof. Boris Chetverushkin
Prof. Andrey Afendikov
Prof. Andrey Kuleshov