HLRS and University of Science and Technology of China Sign Collaboration Agreement

01 July 2019

The agreement will facilitate the exchange of expertise between the centers.

On June 26, HLRS signed a memorandum of cooperation with the supercomputing center of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). The agreement, which runs for three years, will facilitate information sharing on topics of common interest through exchange of scientists, periodic meetings, and collaborative research projects.

USTC-SCC, located in Hefei, China, is a tier-2 supercomputing center that collaborates with with other Chinese national supercomputing centers. USTC itself is regarded among the 10 best universities in China.

In addition to its cooperation with the Supercomputing Center at USTC, HLRS has made formal agreements of collaboration with other centers for high-performance computing in Asia, including the Korean Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), the Shanghai Supercomputing Center, the Supercomputing Center at Wuhan University, the National Center for High Performance Computing (Taiwan), and the Cyberscience Center, Tohuku University (Sendai, Japan). HLRS also maintains agreements with other high-performance computing centers in Europe, Russia, and the United States aimed at promoting the exchange of HPC knowledge and expertise.