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Li Zhong

Research Scientist

Li Zhong received a bachelor's degree in information engineering from Southeast University in China, and has a master's degree in Communication Engineering from the Technische Universität München. After that, he worked as a software developer at EXTEDO GmbH and in 2018 joined HLRS as a researcher. At the same time, he is also a PhD candidate at University of Stuttgart.

Zhong's research is concerned with scalable deep neural networks and high-performance data analysis, and aims to advance the convergence of HPC and AI. He is involved in several EU Horizon Projects and German national projects, including EOPEN, CYBELE, and CATALYST. He further acts as technical coordinator of the Center of Excellence HiDALGO.


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2021 [ to top ]

  • 1.
    Zhou, N., Zhong, L., Hoppe, D., Pejak, B., Marko, O., Cardona, J., Czerkawski, M., Andonovic, I., Michie, C., Tachtatzis, C., Alexakis, E., Mavrepis, P., Kyriazis, D., Pospieszny, M.: "CYBELE: A Hybrid Architecture of HPC and Big Data for AI Applications in Agriculture". HPC, Big Data, AI Convergence Toward Exascale: Challenge and Vision (book chapter). CRC Press (2021).
  • 2.
    Zhou, N., Georgiou, Y., Pospieszny, M., Zhong, L., Zhou, H., Niethammer, C., Pejak, B., Marko, O., Hoppe, D.: Container Orchestration on HPC Systems through Kubernetes. journal of Cloud Computing: Advances, Systems and Applications. (2021).

2020 [ to top ]

  • 1.
    Zhong, L.: A Method for Stream Data Analysis. Sustained Simulation Performance 2019 and 2020: Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Sustained Simulation Performance, University of Stuttgart (HLRS) and Tohoku University, 2019 and 2020. 111 (2020).
  • 2.
    Zhou, N., Georgiou, Y., Zhong, L., Zhou, H., Pospieszny, M.: Container Orchestration on HPC Systems. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD) (2020).
  • 3.
    Georgiou, Y., Zhou, N., Zhong, L., Hoppe, D., Pospieszny, M., Papadopoulou, N., Nikas, K., Nikolos, O.L., Kranas, P., Karagiorgou, S., Pascolo, E., Mercier, M., Velho, P.: Converging HPC, Big Data and Cloud technologies for precision agriculture data analytics on supercomputers. Springer LNCS (2020).
  • 4.
    Hoppe, D., Zhong, L., Andersson, S., Moise, D.: On the Detection and Interpretation of Performance Variations of HPC Applications. Sustained Simulation Performance 2018 and 2019. S. 41–56. Springer (2020).

2019 [ to top ]

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    Gale, L., Valentin, B., Boulahya, H., Vingione, G., Scarpino, G., Marzell, L., Pettengell, T., Gialampoukidis, I., Hoppe, D., Zhong, L.: H2020 EOPEN EASING COPERNICUS DATA & SERVICES EXPLOITATION. (2019).