Course curricula and related course content levels

Content by Learning Levels

For each course theme, a sorting by content level is available:

  • __:__h (green): Beginners' content:
    There are no prerequisites related to the content of the course.
  • __:__h (yellow): Intermediate content:
    Typical basic knowledge is required for these course parts.
  • __:__h (red): Advanced content:
    Advanced content may be especially relevant in the area of High Performance Computing (HPC).
  • __:__h (blue): Community-targeted and domain-specific content.

  • __:__h

      = hours:minutes taught in this content level.


    Important: Many courses may combine beginners' + intermediate + advanced + community-targeted parts.
    Typically, in a 5-day-course, the first day(s) start with beginner's content, followed by intermediate and advanced content. Therefore, a main topic may show up twice in the agenda, first on beginner's level and later on during the week with intermediate or advanced level.
    0-to-100: It often helps to start from zero and progressively learn all you need to use an HPC (high performance computing) system.
    Partial courses: According to the specific agenda of such courses (in each course website), you may register for specific days, for example, by choosing the beginners' + intermediate parts.

    Content level specifications for the contexts of our courses:

    In each course page (here you can find the course list), a coloured bar shows the number of hours in each level.