HPC Training Courses in Europe

Here you will get a comprehensive overview of High Performance Computing (HPC) training course programmes in European & PRACE countries. Such training is typically provided through 1-5 days class room courses that combine lectures with hands-on exercises.

If you want to link this web-page, please use https://www.hlrs.de/training/hpc-eu/

Country Provider Location Course Topics Languages Course Program
>>> PATC Countries
.de Germany HLRS High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart Stuttgart MPI, OpenMP, CFD, ParallelTools, GPU-Programming, Iterative Linear Solvers, Fortran, OpenACC, CUDA, Fortran, C++, Cray XE6,XC30 English, German Link
.de Germany JSC Jülich Supercomputing Centre Jülich MPI, OpenMP,JUQUEEN Porting and Tuning, Blue Gene Active Storage, Simulation Lab Neuroscience, HYBRID, Scientific Python, Parallel I/O, GPU, C++, Usage of Supercomputing Resources, VI-HPS Tuning English, German Link
.de Germany LRZ Leibniz Supercomputing Centre Garching bei München Fortran, C/C++, Open Foam, Parallel Programming, Intel MIC&GPU English, German Link
.de Germany ZIH Zentrum für Informationsdienste und Hochleistungsrechnen Dresden Fortran, C/C++, Open Foam, Parallel Programming, English, German Link
.de Germany RWTH Aachen University Aachen MPI; OpenMP; Programming Environment; Debugging; Computer Architecture; Parallelization; Batch System, I3MS Seminar Series English, German Link
.de Germany TU Hamburg-Harburg Hamburg Fortran, C/C++, Open Foam, Parallel Programming, English, German Link
.de Germany HLRN Norddeutscher Verbund für Hoch- und Höchstleistungsrechnen Berlin Fortran, C/C++, Open Foam, Parallel Programming, English, German Link
.de Germany Gauss-Allianz in cooperation with all German HPC Centers all locations German HPC calendar English, German Link-1
.es Spain BCS Barcelona Supercomputing Center Barcelona Parallel Programming, CUDA programming, MareNostrum III, Heterogeneous Programming on GPUs with MPI + OmpSs English, Spanish Link
.fi Finland CSC IT Center for Science Ltd. Espoo Parallel Programming, Fortran, OpenFOAM, Scientific Visualization English, Finnish Link
.fr France INRIA Research Centre Paris-Rocquencourt English Link
.fr France IDRIS Institut du Développement et des Ressources en Informatique Scientifique Orsay Training-Material Online / Open MP, MPI, Hybrid MPI-OpenMP Programming English Link
.fr France MAISON de la Simulation Saclay C-C++ Multicore Application Programming, visualization with Visit, GPU-Programming English Link
.it Italy CINECA Computing Centre Bologna, Milan, Rome HPC Numerical Libraries, Fortran90, GPU and CUDA programming, MPI, OpenMP, C++, FERMI Blue Gene/Q, Parallel I/O, Phyton English, Italian Link
.uk United Kingdom EPCC Computing Centre Edinburgh Parallel Programming, Cray XE6, MPI, OpenMP, CPU Programming English Link
>>> Other PRACE countries
.at Austria CHPC Center of High Performance Computing Salzburg HPC Workshop English Link
.at Austria ACSC Austrian Centre for Scientific Computing Innsbruck HPC Workshop English Link
.be Belgium VSC Vlaams Supercomputer Center Antwerpen, Brussel, Gent, Hasselt, Leuven Parallel Computing, HPC Introduction, OpenMP, MPI English Link
.be Belgium UGent HPC at Gent University Gent Parallel Computing, OpenMP, MPI English Link
.bg Bulgaria No links detected so far
.ch Switzerland CSCS Swiss National Supercomputing Centre Lugano & others OpenACC, MPI, GPU Programming, Cray XMT Workshop, Sommer School English Link
.ch Switzerland HPC-ch The Swiss HPC Service Provider Community Lugano & others Overview English Link
.ch Switzerland SpeedUp The SWISS forum for Grid and High Performance Computing Zurich Annual Workshop English Link
.cy Cyprus The Cyprus Institute Nicosia Seminars & Workshops English Link
.cy Cyprus CYGRID The Cyprus Grid Initiative Nicosia Grid Training Events English Link
.cy Cyprus University of Cyprus Nicosia Computer Science Workshops Greek, English Link
.cy Cyprus LINC Laboratory for Internet Computing Nicosia Overview Cloud and Grid computing, Web data management and Vehicular computing Greek, English Link
.cz Czech Republic it4i IT4Innovations Ostrava Course offer under construction for Autumn 2013 Czech, English Link
.dk Denmark Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation Lyngby Danish, English Link
.gr Greece No links detected so far
.hu Hungary NIIF National Information Infrastructure Development Budapest Online-Training Hungarian Link
.ie Ireland ICHEC Irish Centre for High-End Computing Dublin HPC, OpenMP, MPI, CUDA, Fortran English Link
.il Israel TECHNION Department of Computer Science Haifa various English Link
.il Israel TAU Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv English Link
.nl Netherlands UVA University of Amsterdam Amsterdam HPC Cloud, OpenMP, MPI English Link
.nl Netherlands Surfsara Amsterdam Announcement & Workshops English Link
.no Norway NOTUR The Norwegian metacenter for computational science Trondheim English
.pl Poland CYFRONET Academic Computer Centre Krakow Overview Conferences & Seminars English Link
.pl Poland PSNC Supercomputing Department Poznan actually no training offers Polish, English Link
.pl Poland POWIEW HPC Infrastructure Warsaw MPP Systems, SMP Systems, OpenMP, OpenCL, MPI, CUDA, MATLAB, GPU, Tools, Libraries, Visualization English, Polish Link
.pl Poland PL-GRID Polish Grid Infrastructure Project Overview English Link
.pl Poland WCSS Wroc?aw Centre for Networking and Supercomputing Wroc?aw Workshops English Link
.pt Portugal No links detected so far
.rs Serbia No links detected so far
.se Sweden NSC National Supercomputer Centre Linkoeping OpenMP English Link
.se Sweden SNIC Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing various Overview English Link
.se Sweden SeSE Swedish e-Science Education various Advanced Programming, Phyton, Numerical Solution of BVP, Scientific Visualisation English Link
.se Sweden HPC2N High Performance Computing Center North various Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing, English Link
.se Sweden PDC Center for High Performance Computing Stockholm Sommer School, Matlab, MPI and CUDA, Cluster Managemant, TAU Performance System English Link
.se Sweden Lunarc Center for Scientific and Technical Computing Lund MPI, OpenMP, Grid Computing and Storage English Link
.se Sweden UPPMAX Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science Uppsala Event Announcement English Link
.se Sweden C3se Centre for Scientific and Technical Computing at Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg Event Announcement English Link
.se Sweden SeRC The Swedish e-Science Research Centre Stockholm Event Announcement English Link
.si Slovenia ULFME University of Ljubljana Ljubljana Workshops, Summer School English Link
.tr Turkey UYBHM National Center for High Performance Computing Istanbul various Turkish and English Link