Numerical Simulation of Primary Break-up in Spray Painting Processes

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Image: Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart

Spray painting is the most common application technique in coating technology. Typical atomizers used in spray coating industries are such as high-speed rotary bell and spray guns with compressed air. High-speed rotary bell atomizers provide an excellent paint film quality as well as high transfer efficiencies (approx. 90%) due to electrostatic support. Small and medium-sized enterprises continue, however, to use compressed air atomizers, although they no longer meet today's requirements from an economic and environmental point of view. It is very important to understand the atomization mechanisms of these two kinds of atomizers, in order to improve the paint quality, to reduce the overspray and to optimize the coating process.

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Principal Investigators

Qiaoyan Ye and Bo Shen

Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Stuttgart