Simulation of Turbulent Flows Interacting with Non-Spherical Particles

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Image: Schneiders et al., J. Fluid Mech. 875, pp. 520 – 542, 2019.

Researchers of the Institute of Aerodynamics (AIA) at RWTH Aachen University conducted large-scale benchmark simulations on HLRS's Hazel Hen supercomputer to analyze the interaction of non-spherical particles with turbulent flows. These simulations provide a unique data base for the development of simple models which can be applied to study complex engineering problems. Such models are required in a larger research framework to improve the efficiency of pulverized coal and biomass combustion to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions.

Read the complete user research report at the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing.

Principal Investigator

Wolfgang Schröder

Institute of Aerodynamics, RWTH Aachen University