Each project that receives an allocation for computing time on HLRS's systems via the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing or PRACE is assigned a mentor. The mentor is a member of the HLRS user support team who serves as the first point of contact for system users for the duration of their allocations. The name and contact information for the mentor of each user project is provided in the notification of approval that users receive at the start of their allocation.

Expert HPC support

Whenever possible, mentors are assigned to user research projects based on their experience in the user's scientific field (e.g. CFD, physics, or chemistry). This helps to ensure that in addition to providing technical expertise necessary to program HLRS's systems, the mentor also has a general understanding of the scientific goals and methods of individual user projects.

Mentors are available to answer technical questions that arise when using HLRS's systems, including facilitating system access, making software and documentation available, and resolving problems that users encounter. This includes providing helpdesk support for issues filed through our Trouble Ticket System as well as helping to address special requirements that users might have. If it is impossible to answer a question directly, the mentor consults with system administrators and other HLRS staff, and can facilitate contact between users and additional experts when needed.

A resource for HLRS system users

In addition, the mentor is the key contact person concerning administrative issues related to usage of HLRS's systems. This includes monitoring the user's project plan, tracking usage of computing time, ensuring that reporting requirements are fullfilled, and providing support when project extensions or renewals are needed. The mentor can also recommend workshops and training courses at HLRS to help users improve their codes and their understanding of high-performance computing.

For researchers considering applying for computing time, HLRS's mentors can also be available for consultation concerning the technical details of your proposal.

The amount of contact between system users and their mentors can vary depending on the experience and needs of individual user projects. HLRS mentors aim to provide a degree of user support that corresponds to the specific requirements of each of our system users.