Information for Current System Users

Follow the links below to find key contact persons, technical documentation concerning the operation of our systems, and information that is important for your allocation of computing time.

System status & operations

Trouble Ticket Submission Form

Click here to report a problem with our systems.

HWW Weather Report

Information about system outages or planned service interruptions.

Access and Usage Models

Information concerning user accounts and job types on our systems.

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Key contacts for system users

If you have technical questions concerning applications and methods, applications for computing time, or accounting related to your allocation, find contact information here.

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Technical information

Visit the HLRS Platforms Wiki for information related to usage of our systems.

Our computing systems Software & programming Data management
Hawk Application software packages Data transfer with GridFTP
Vulcan Development tools, compilers & libraries Data transfer with UFTP
High-Performance Storage System Programming how-to's, tips & tricks  
NEC vector platform, SX-Aurora Visualization tools  

Computing time & allocations

Learn more about applying for computing time, as well as reporting, cost, and legal requirements.

Apply for Computing Time

Links to information and policies concerning access to our systems.

Follow-Up Proposals (GCS Projects)

Click to visit the GCS-JARDS application page (

Project Time Extensions (GCS Projects)

Click to visit the GCS-JARDS application page (

Costs & Fee Schedules

Detailed information concerning financial aspects of using HLRS's computing systems and services.

Legal Requirements

Information concerning rights, responsibilities, and liabilities for users of HLRS's computing systems.

Annual User Report

For each project that uses resources of the HLRS a progress and results report is required every year.

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HPC training calendar

Follow the link to learn more about our upcoming courses.

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