HLRS offers world-class supercomputing power and a comprehensive package of resources for high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics, artificial intelligence, visualization, and related technologies. We support scientists, engineers, and users from many other domains by providing the HPC tools and expertise needed to make new discoveries, design better products, solve difficult problems, or realize new ideas.

Types of computing

HLRS enables research and other computational applications in the following areas.

HPC & Simulation

With one of Europe's fastest supercomputers, we can help realize the most computationally demanding simulation projects.

Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics

HLRS enables the testing of new applications of machine learning and deep learning, as well as hybrid approaches that combine HPC and AI.


By connecting our HPC systems with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, we make it easier to gain insights from large datasets.

Quantum Computing

HLRS has begun research focused on understanding the capabilities and potential applications of this new technology.

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Our suite of high-performance computing systems includes a variety of architectures to address the diverse computational needs of our user community.

HPE Apollo (Hawk)

HLRS's flagship supercomputer is among Europe's fastest, powering large-scale simulations and new kinds of hybrid workflows combining HPC and AI.

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Cray CS Storm

Based on a GPU architecture, the CS-Storm is optimized for AI workloads and processing-intensive applications for machine learning and deep learning.

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NEC Cluster (Vulcan)

Vulcan is continually updated to meet new demands and provide requirement-optimized solutions. It includes CPU, GPU, and vector computing components.

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This immersive 3D facility offers powerful tools for visualizing and interacting with large, complex data sets in virtual and augmented reality.

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If you are new to high-performance computing, HLRS's training program can help you to develop the skills you need to operate HPC systems confidently and effectively.

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User support

Programming high-performance computing systems requires special expertise. Our staff works closely with our system users to answer questions, optimize codes, and enable new applications of HPC.

User support


Designated HLRS staff with a thorough understanding of our systems' operation are available to provide basic support and answer system users' questions.

Extended User Support

Performance optimization improves our users' productivity, opens new research opportunities, and enables a more sustainable operation of HLRS's systems.


Our staff can provide advice on both basic and complex issues concerning numerical methods, parallel programming, I/O, performance analysis, and other topics.

Software Provisioning

Our user support staff is available to address questions that arise during the process of accessing software and installing your own codes.

AI Support

In addition to providing basic support for AI applications, HLRS staff have expertise in distributed training, scalability, and hybrid workflows combining HPC and AI.

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HLRS provides access to commonly used application software packages for simulation as well as tools, compilers, and libraries for running novel algorithms on our systems.

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Are you interested in using HLRS's computing resources? Learn how to get access to our systems and expertise.

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