The HLRS staff includes scientific and nonscientific staff from around the world who bring a wide range of interests and expertise. Find contact information and learn more about our team members below.


Denis Altmann

Server and Workstation Administration

+49 711 685-87230 denis.altmann(at)


Sandra Becker

Project Management Assistant / Assistant Director’s Office

+49 711 685-87168 sandra.becker(at)

Thomas Beisel

Head, High-Performance Computing Network - Production

+49 711 685-87220 thomas.beisel(at)

Barbara Beltrán Torres

Scientific project coordinator (EU projects)

+49 711 685-65734 barbara.beltran(at)

Nico Formanek

Head, Department of Philosophy of Computational Sciences

+49 711 685-87289 nico.formanek(at)


Dennis Hoppe

Head, Service Management and Business Processes

+49 711 685-60300 dennis.hoppe(at)

Bernd Krischok

Deputy Head, High-Performance Computing Network - Production

+49 711 685-87221 bernd.krischok(at)


Michael M. Resch

Director, HLRS & Institute for High-Performance Computing

+49 711 685-87200 michael.resch(at)

Andreas Ruopp

Deputy Head, Department of Numerical Methods & Libraries

+49-711 685-87259 andreas.ruopp(at)


Jisika Yono

Deputy Head, Project Controlling and Management Office

+49 711 685-61799 jisika.yono(at)


Lorenzo Zanon

Head, Training & Scalable Algorithms

+49 711 685-63824 lorenzo.zanon(at)

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