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As home to one of Europe's fastest supercomputers and a large team of HPC experts, HLRS provides essential tools and solutions for cutting-edge academic and industrial research, particularly in the sciences and computational engineering. At the same time, we are working constantly to improve high-performance computing, and to identify opportunities for using HPC, data analytics, and related technologies in other areas where it can have an impact.

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Discover milestones in HLRS's history since its founding as Germany's first national HPC center.

Annual Report

Published each spring, our report highlights our key developments and accomplishments.


HLRS is committed to environmental responsibility and data security.

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Social responsibility

High-performance computing technologies such as simulation and artificial intelligence present both opportunities and challenges for society. HLRS engages regularly with these issues, both through a critical reflection on its activities and efforts to promote wider understanding and debate about the digital age.

Sustainability & Environment

HLRS is certified under the Blue Angel and EMAS frameworks in recognition of its comprehensive environmental and energy management plans.

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Sociopolitical Advisory Board

A multidisciplinary panel of experts meets regularly to advise HLRS on areas in which computer simulation could help to address societal challenges.

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Public Education & Outreach

HLRS regularly organizes and participates in activities to increase public understanding of simulation and how it impacts our lives.

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