HLRS in Simple Language


What is the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart?


The High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (also called HLRS) operates very large computers.

These large computers are called supercomputers.

HLRS also teaches people how to use supercomputers.

HLRS is a part of the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

HLRS is one of Germany's largest centers for supercomputing.


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Our Location

HLRS is located at the University of Stuttgart in southwestern Germany.


What is high-performance computing?


High-performance computing (also called HPC) involves the use of very large, very fast supercomputers.

Scientists and engineers use HPC to study many kinds of very complex problems.

They use HPC to study things that are very small, very large, very far away, or very complex.

Large, fast computers can solve these complex problems very quickly.


How big are HLRS's supercomputers?


Our largest supercomputer is called Hawk.

Hawk is one of Europe's most powerful supercomputers.

Hawk can calculate faster than thousands of laptop computers could, even if they worked together.

Hawk is so big that it needs its own building.


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Our Largest Supercomputer

Hawk is much larger than a normal computer. It requires a large room and a lot of energy to run.


Who uses high-performance computing?


Scientists and engineers from across Europe use HLRS's supercomputers for their research.

High-performance computing is required for research in many scientific fields.


What kinds of problems can high-performance computing help solve?


HLRS's supercomputers make it possible to:

  • design better vehicles, buildings, and machines
  • predict weather, climate change, and disasters
  • find ways to generate electricity that are better for the environment
  • develop new materials that are stronger or can do new things
  • improve healthcare
  • study how the universe formed

These are just a few of the many ways that HLRS's supercomputers are used.


What else does HLRS do?


HLRS Projects

  • Staff scientists who work at HLRS are involved in many Projects.
  • HLRS Projects try to make high-performance computing more powerful and efficient.
  • HLRS Projects also explore how HPC could help solve problems facing society.

HPC Training

  • HLRS offers courses that teach scientists how to use supercomputers like those at HLRS.
  • These courses can take place in classrooms or over the internet.

Supporting Industry

  • Private companies use HLRS's supercomputers to develop new products or improve their existing products.
  • Supercomputers help companies to work more quickly and be more competitive.
  • Large and small companies use HLRS's supercomputers and learn from us.

Ethics and Computing

  • Computers have become common in almost all parts of society.
  • Computers affect how we work and relate to each other.
  • Researchers at HLRS study how the use of computers is changing society.
  • By understanding these changes we cab make sure that computers are used in ways that support society's values.


  • Running large computers uses a lot of energy and natural resources.
  • HLRS looks for new ways to save energy and reduce our impact on the environment.


Do you have questions?

You can contact us by sending an email to info(at)hlrs.de