User Support

Programming high-performance computing systems requires special expertise. Our staff works closely with our system users to optimize their codes and enable new applications of HPC.

Our user support activities


HLRS user support team members serve as the first point of contact for system users for the duration of their allocations.

Extended User Support

Performance optimization improves our users' productivity and enables a more sustainable operation of HLRS's computing resources.


Our staff can provide advice on issues such as numerical methods, parallel programming, I/O, and performance analysis.

Software Provisioning

Our user support staff is available to address questions that arise during the process of accessing software and installing your own codes.

AI Support

In addition to basic support, HLRS staff have expertise in distributed training, scalability, and hybrid workflows combining HPC and AI.

If you are a current HLRS system user, click here to report a problem, check on Hawk's operating status, or find technical documentation or other information related to your project.

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