Public Education and Outreach

As supercomputers have become more powerful, simulation, artificial intelligence, visualization, and related technologies have become a part of our daily lives. HLRS organizes and participates in a variety of activities intended to increase public understanding of what high-performance computing is, why it is important for science and engineering, and how it affects us.

Photo of school children observing scientific visualization

Simulated Worlds

This education enrichment program, funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research, and Art, offers motivated students, teachers, and the general public a variety of free events focusing on computer simulation and mathematical modeling.

  • Students in the 10th and 11th grades can apply for a research fellowship to pursue an independent study project focusing on simulation or machine learning alongside an HLRS staff member.
  • Students in the 10th grade can participate in a do-IT day, which provides a hands-on introduction to programming for simulation.
  • Teachers can invite members of the Simulated Worlds team to conduct class sessions in their schools.
  • Simulated Worlds also organizes public lectures by HLRS staff members at locations such as the Stuttgart Public Library and Hospitalhof.

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Students receive awards for participating in Simulierte Welten program.

At the conclusion of the Simulated Worlds scholarship program, students present their projects and receive certificates of participation.

Tag der Wissenschaft (Science Day)

HLRS opens its doors each summer the University of Stuttgart's annual campus-wide open house, which welcomes visitors of all ages with an extensive program. Visitors can tour HLRS's computing room, experience recent applications of virtual reality in our CAVE facility, and talk with HLRS staff to learn more about our latest activities.

Girls' Day

HLRS participates in the nationwide Girls' Day program, which encourages girls to consider careers in IT, the sciences, engineering, and the skilled trades. Participants receive a hands-on introduction to computer hardware and programming, and receive tours of HLRS's computing room and CAVE 3D visualization facility, among other activities.

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At the Tag der Wissenschaft, Girls' Day, and other events, visitors can often test driving or paragliding simulators in our CAVE visualization facility.

Flying a paraglider in virtual reality in the HLRS CAVE.

Public Lectures and Exhibitions

HLRS staff also regularly present public lectures and participate in conferences and conventions to share its recent projects and perspectives on key issues related to computing and its impacts for society. Watch our events calendar or follow us Twitter for announcements of upcoming events.

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