SAS23 - Reliability or Trustworthiness?

Recent debates on AI have pointed out trust as a seminal issue. However, it is often unclear what is meant by that: How do we understand trust in AI models? What is the underlying concept of trust? The philosophy of trust has developed fundamentally different notions of trust, which can describe fundamentally different relationships to a person, an institution or even artifacts. Although terminology sometimes tends to obscure categorical differences, two major forms of theory can be distinguished here: reliabilist approaches, which are based on epistemic reasons, and trust in the narrower sense, which is a normative ground. In the philosophy of computational sciences and models, however, this difference has hardly been noted.

Therefore, this year’s SAS conference focuses on this alternative: relying on or trusting AI and simulation models?


HLRS, University of Stuttgart
Nobelstraße 19
70569 Stuttgart, Germany
Room 0.439 / Rühle Saal

Start date

Nov 30, 2023

End date

Dec 01, 2023

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