Can Artificial Intelligence-Based Weather Prediction Models Simulate the Butterfly Effect?

Climate scientist Tobias Selz (LMU Munich) will join our group seminar to present and discuss his recent paper on simulations vs ML models for weather prediction. This is one of the few papers I am aware of which investigates the limits of replacing simulation based models with ML. Surprisingly they differ in the ability to propagate error across scales. This should be interesting for anyone who tries to replace simulations by ML models and anyone who is interested in inherent limitations of ML models in general.

The talk will take place at HLRS in Room Berkeley/Shanghai at Friday June 21st 11:00 (CET). Please write to nico.formanek(at) if you intend to join in person.

You can also join via WebEx:

Start date

Jun 21, 2024

End date

Jun 21, 2024

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