Costs and Fee Schedules

The following are documents related to costs for the use of computing facilities and peripheral infrastructure of the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) of the University of Stuttgart.

German version

HLRS Entgeltordnung 2023 - Preisübersicht (PDF 256K)

HLRS Entgeltordnung 2023 (Lesefassung) (PDF 163K)

HLRS Entgeltordnung Stand 2016 (PDF 172K)
und Änderungsordnungen:

Additional information

Apply for Computing Time

Links to information and policies concerning access to our systems.

Legal Requirements

Information concerning rights, responsibilities, and liabilities for users of HLRS’s computing systems.

For Industry Users of HLRS's Systems

HLRS is a partner for companies that require simulation, visualization, and data analytics capabilities. Learn more.