HLRS and Tohoku University Renew Collaboration Agreement

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Hiroyuki Takizawa, Michael Resch, and Hiroaki Kobayashi present the signed collaboration renewals in Sendai. Photo: Tohoku University Cyberscience Center

HLRS and the Cyberscience Center of the Tohoku University at Sendai, Japan formally extended their long-lasting cooperation in the field of high-performance computing and simulation.

Prof. Hiroaki Kobayashi, Prof. Hiroyuki Takizawa and Prof. Michael Resch signed the agreement on October 24, 2022 during the 34th Workshop on Sustained Simulation Performance (WSSP), held at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan.


The Tohoku University Cyberscience Center is a national supercomputing center founded in 1969 that operates and provides access to high-end supercomputing systems for researchers and engineers in universities and in industry across Japan. Research at the Cyberscience Center focuses on the design and development of next-generation supercomputing systems and their applications.

The bi-annual WSSP has been a cornerstone of the collaboration between HLRS and Tohoku University. Since 2012 Springer Verlag has published conference proceedings documenting highlights from these events, offering perspectives on the state of the art in HPC on modern supercomputing architectures. Proceedings are available in the series Sustained Simulation Performance.