HLRS Publishes New Environmental Statement

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HLRS sustainability team members Dr. Norbert Conrad and Dr. Karin Blessing received certifications of HLRS’s successful environmental audit.

The publication describes the center’s recent progress in its sustainability efforts, following successful completion of an environmental audit.

The High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) has successfully completed an audit of its environmental management system, and retains its certification under the Environmental Management and Audit System (EMAS). Conducted by independent environmental auditor OmniCert, this process involved a thorough review of the center’s environmental key performance indicators (KPI’s), environmental management policies, and other sustainability activities.

HLRS has also published a new Environmental Statement, a requirement of EMAS certification that provides information about the HPC center’s sustainability initiatives. In addition to offering a general overview of HLRS’s environmental policies and guidelines, the 58-page publication provides the latest available data concerning environmental KPI’s such as energy usage, documentation of HLRS’s sustainability projects, and an explanation of how its environmental management efforts contribute to reaching sustainable development goals.

Developed by the European Union, EMAS is the most demanding framework for environmental management in organizations worldwide. HLRS initially qualified for EMAS certification in 2020 and remains the only high-performance computing center of its size to have achieved this standard. A commitment to continual improvement of environmental performance is a key component of retaining EMAS certification, and so the environmental statement also describes new, recently launched initiatives. The publication also details sustainability considerations in HLRS’s planning for its next generations of supercomputers, and for the associated expansions in facilities and technical infrastructure they will require.

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Christopher Williams