SICOS BW Podcast with Dr. Thomas Bönisch

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Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bönisch. Photo: SICOS BW

The conversation explores current trends and challenges in emerging technologies for high-performance computing.

As head of HLRS’s Department of Project & User Management, Accounting, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bönisch has for many years had a front-row seat at the evolution of high-performance computing systems and architectures. In a new podcast published as part of SICOS BW’s series “Technology Transfer Made Easy” Bönisch offers observations and predictions about the future of the field.

The podcast is available on the SICOS BW website. (The language of discussion is German.)

In the half-hour conversation, Dr. Bönisch offers insights on several key technical challenges facing the field of high-performance computing, including:

  • Managing enormous data sets in ways that adhere to FAIR principles
  • Increasing performance as supercomputing moves to the exascale
  • Ensuring sustainability in the face of increasing energy demands
  • Optimizing the use and integration of CPU- and GPU-based architectures
  • Seizing opportunities offered by ever-larger HPC systems in industry
  • Developing practical quantum computing technologies

SICOS BW, an organization cofounded by HLRS, provides small and medium-sized companies with services that help them to overcome barriers they might face in accessing HPC technologies for simulation, artificial intelligence, and large-scale data analysis.