TRUMPF Launches New Cooperation with HLRS

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The contract was signed at TRUMPF world headquarters in Ditzingen, Germany. L-R: Thomas Schneider (Global Head of R&D, TRUMPF Machine Tools), Berthold Schmidt (Chief Technology Officer, TRUMPF), Michael Resch (Director, HLRS), and Anna Steiger (Chancellor, University of Stuttgart)

The technology company will develop AI models and produce virtual prototypes. TRUMPF CTO Berthold Schmidt: “This partnership strengthens our research and development.”

Today, leading technology company TRUMPF signed a collaboration agreement with the High-Performance Computing Center of the University of Stuttgart (HLRS). The goal of the agreement is to make large-scale computing capacity available at HLRS for TRUMPF employees. “This cooperation demonstrates that Germany is an industrial center that also has a high-performance digital ecosystem. Using supercomputers, our developers can virtually fine tune machine functions even before the first prototype is created and train AI solutions for our production facilities much faster. This will enable us to innovate more sustainably and efficiently,” says TRUMPF CTO Berthold Schmidt.

HLRS will provide access to its supercomputer Hawk, which has a peak performance of 26 petaFLOPS, the equivalent of 26 quadrillion (26 x 1015) computing operations per second. Hawk is among the most powerful computers for industry in Europe. At the end of 2024, HLRS’s capabilities will be expanded with the installation of its next-generation supercomputer, Hunter, which will have a peak performance of 39 petaFLOPS. “Hawk and Hunter will support continuing improvements in technologies at TRUMPF. We are proud that our computing power will enable us to continue to support the strength and competitiveness of the Stuttgart economic region,” said Prof. Dr. Michael Resch, Director of HLRS. The participants in the partnership also hope to identify new applications of high-performance computing in industry.

Investment in artificial intelligence and quantum computing

TRUMPF uses its own high-performance computers for simpler simulations. More complex tasks that require higher precision, however, are only possible using supercomputers like those at HLRS. One potential application is the simulation of quantum computers, which is so computationally demanding that in the future it will benefit from the acceleration offered by HLRS’s supercomputers. For several years, TRUMPF has offered its customers machine tools that use artificial intelligence to make their work faster and more effective. In the future, the company will expand this range of offerings with new solutions.


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Funding for Hawk was provided by Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Science, Research, and the Arts and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research through the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS).