Welcome to the New HLRS Website

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Learn about the main features of our new online presence, and find tips for finding the information you seek.

The High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart is excited to welcome you to our new website, hlrs.de. We hope that you will find it more useful than ever in learning about our center's many activities, and in making it easier to take advantage of our high-performance computing systems and resources.

In addition to modernizing the website's look and feel, we have also reorganized and expanded the content in a way that we hope will make it easier to understand what HLRS does. Because there are some differences from our previous website, the following information can help you to find your way.




Main navigation

Below the name of the center at the top of the page are links to landing pages that gather information related to HLRS's key activities.


Describes the most important resources and services that HLRS makes available for our users, including our HPC systems, user support activities, and other expertise.

User Research

Learn how scientists and computational engineers use HLRS's computing resources. Here you can also find information about the Golden Spike Awards, HLRS books, and user publications.

HLRS Projects

Offers insights into the interests and expertise of HLRS's scientific staff, particularly related to our activities within funded research projects.


Find a calendar of our upcoming HPC training courses, as well as general information about our core HPC training program and Supercomputing Academy.

For Industry

Information for private-sector companies and SME's who are interested in using HLRS's supercomputing resources for research, technology development, or data analytics.


An overview of HLRS's key activities, its sustainability program, and other information related to its management structure, certifications, history, and more.

For Users

Gathers links to relevant technical and administrative information that will be of interest to current users of HLRS's systems.


By clicking on the "Menu" button at the far right side of the top header, you can also access a more detailed overview of how the website is organized. The menu also includes links to practical information including:

  • People - an alphabetized list of all HLRS staff members
  • Events - calendar of upcoming conferences, workshops, and public events
  • News - the latest developments from around the center
  • Press - information for journalists
  • Careers - current job openings and other information for job applicants
  • Contact - location and travel information
  • Apply for computing time - information for anyone interested in using HLRS's computing systems

To close the menu, click on the X.

Links to these sections are also available in the footer at the bottom of every page on the website.


By clicking on the magnifying glass near the menu button, you can also search for a specific term.


The location of each page within the website navigation structure appears below the HLRS logo. These breadcrumbs are clickable, and you can use them to navigate higher in the navigation structure to find related information.


If you have trouble finding a specific page, the sitemap is linked from the bottom of every page on the website.

Bilingual content

The new website offers more German-language content than in the past, in a format that is intended to be easier to navigate. You can change your language preference near the top every page by selecting either EN (English) or DE (German).

Currently, there are some specific sections of the website that exist only in English, including the detail pages for HLRS projects, user research reports, and some news articles. This might result in some errors and missing links. In the future, our goal is to make these sections function more smoothly and to publish as much bilingual content as possible.


For many content types you will find topics that link to filtered lists of related content. These content collections can offer a way to explore our activities in a more focused way.

Topics are also used on several of the landing pages to provide a quick overview of subject areas in which HLRS is particularly active.

Social media

Links to HLRS's social media channels are available through the menu and from the icons in the website footer.

We encourage you to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, as they provide the easisest way to track our latest news, course announcements, job openings, and other activities around the center.

Responsive design

The website is viewable on mobile phones and tablets, although at time of launch there are some features that will require further optimization. We plan to address this as soon as possible.

We value your feedback

Once you have had a chance to explore our new website, we would love to hear what you think. Please send any comments or suggestions to pr(at)hlrs.de.

Thank you for visiting hlrs.de.