Photo Jose Gracia

Dr. Jose Gracia

Head, Scalable Programming Models and Tools

Together with his group, José Gracia does research into topics related to scalable programming models and tools. This includes, in particular, new approaches to MPI or task-based programming models and their interoperability at scale. He also works on performance analysis tools, characterization of application performance, and optimization of scientific codes and workflows.

In addition, Gracia is involved in user support and responsible for part of the HLRS software stack.

He holds a doctoral degree in physics with a background in numerical simulations of astrophysical flows.

Contact jose.gracia(at) tel: +49 711 685-87208 fax: +49 711 685-65832
Fingerprint A1F9 9227 C2A0 236E BC3F 853D 51F8 60CD FBDA DD6F