Study for hyper-connectivity for HPC resources

The EuroHyPerCon project aims to shape the future of HPC in Europe by defining a long-term hyperconnectivity specification and implementation roadmap to meet Europe's future ultra-high-speed network requirements.

The EuroHyPerCon project aims to shape the future of high-performance computing (HPC) and new technologies such as artificial computing (AI) and quantum computing (QC) in Europe.

Over the last five years, the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) has made significant investments in the development of a state-of-the-art integrated supercomputing and data infrastructure in Europe. This infrastructure includes both national and multinational HPC systems, and its overarching goal is to put Europe at the forefront of global scientific and industrial development.

A central part of EuroHPC's vision is hyperconnectivity. This requires two important steps. First, the EuroHPC systems themselves must be interconnected to facilitate collaboration and resource sharing. Second, these EuroHPC systems need to be integrated into the broader HPC ecosystem, which includes national supercomputers and data infrastructures. This broader connectivity will enable a wide range of public and private users across Europe to access HPC resources and data, ushering in a new era of scientific exploration and industrial innovation. EuroHyPerCon addresses the connectivity needs that are essential for building a world-leading, hyper-connected, federated, and secure HPC and quantum computing service and data infrastructure ecosystem across Europe.

To achieve these ambitious goals, EuroHyPerCon recognizes the need to use state-of-the-art network technologies. These technologies must provide ultra-high-speed connectivity services that achieve transmission rates on the order of terabits per second. In addition, the solutions must be flexible and adaptable to allow for different types of experimentation and new technologies. This adaptability ensures that the EuroHPC ecosystem remains versatile and can support a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.

EuroHyPerCon aims to produce a clear and detailed long-term specification of the hyperconnectivity service to be provided to the EuroHPC JU. This specification serves as a roadmap for the development of the EuroHPC hyperconnectivity infrastructure. It will enable EuroHPC to plan for the next decade with defined goals and ensure that the connectivity requirements of the ecosystem are met efficiently and effectively.

The role of HLRS is to lead the stakeholder consultation, bringing together experts from relevant communities such as HPC and data providers, AI and quantum computing experts, and network operators in workshops and focus groups to map the requirements for future hyperconnectivity across Europe. In addition, HLRS is contributing to the definition of a staged implementation roadmap to realize Europe’s future ultra-high-speed network.


01. October 2023 -
30. June 2024


Converged Computing


EuroHPC Joint Undertaking

Project partners

  • Innov-Acts Ltd, CY (Projektkoordinator)
  • HLRS
  • Enomix S.A., EL/GR


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