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Factories of the future resources, technology, infrastructure and services for simulation and modelling 2
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The FORTISSIMO 2 project targets the adoption of advanced simulation in small and medium-sized companies, realizing a “one-stop-shop” to enable state-of-the-art hardware access, expertise, applications, visualization and tools in an efficient fashion.

With the advent of computer aided engineering and the constantly growing demand for accurate and cost-effective simulations, the access to high performance computing resources and technology consulting for academia, small and medium sized companies as well as industries is mandatory and represents the key to success in the evolving market.

FORTISSIMO 2 will take the key findings of its predecessor and enhance it with Big Data Analytics and coupled high performance computing simulations by having a clear focus on the adoption of next generation information and communications technology for the manufacturing domain. As a result, an enhanced one-stop-shop will be developed and operated, following the business requirements of the manufacturing industries to drive the uptake of advanced modelling, simulation and data analytics for improved design processes, better products as well as services and improved competitiveness.

As its predecessor, FORTISSIMO 2 will be driven by clear and sound end-user requirements, which will be brought into the project by Open Calls in order to solve real-world customer problems. So FORTISSIMO 2 will not only strengthen the market shares and opportunities of the participating parties, but also contributes to the competitiveness of the European manufacturing industry through its innovative infrastructure built around the FORTISSIMO 2 Marketplace, the “one-stop-shop” for the European manufacturing domain.

FORTISSIMO 2 involves initially 38 partners, a total cost of €11.2m and EC funding of €10m over a duration of three years, commensurate with achieving its ambitious goals.


01. November 2015 -
31. October 2018


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