Our suite of high-performance computing systems is designed to address the diverse computational needs of our user community.

Our computing platforms

HPE Apollo (Hawk)

HLRS's flagship supercomputer is among Europe's fastest, powering large-scale simulations and new kinds of hybrid workflows combining HPC and AI.

Cray CS-Storm

Based on a GPU architecture, the CS-Storm is optimized for AI workloads and processing-intensive applications for machine learning and deep learning.


This immersive 3D facility offers powerful tools for visualizing and interacting with large, complex data sets in virtual and augmented reality.

NEC Cluster (Vulcan)

Vulcan is continually updated to meet new demands and provide requirement-optimized solutions. It includes CPU, GPU, and vector computing components.

AMD GPU System

Donated as part of AMD's COVID-19 High-Performance Computing Fund, this system is dedicated to supporting pandemic research and meeting crisis computing needs.

HPSS Data Management

Our high-performance storage system is designed to safely manage and archive petabytes of data saved on disks and in tape libraries.

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