User Research Publications 2020


The following is a list of selected peer-reviewed publications by users of HLRS's computing systems in 2020. All publications acknowledge HLRS's computing systems in making the research they describe possible.

Albers M, Meysonnat PS, Fernex D, et al. 2020. Drag reduction and energy saving by spanwise traveling transversal surface waves for flat plate flow. Flow Turbul Combust. 105: 125-157.

Atzori M, Vinuesa R, Fahland G, et al. 2020. Aerodynamic effects of uniform blowing and suction on a NACA4412 airfoil. Flow Turbulence Combust. 105: 735-759.

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Chiarini A, Quadrio M, Auteri F. 2020. A direction-splitting Navier–Stokes solver on co-located grids. J Comp Phys. ePub Nov 26.

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Encinar JA, Menendez JA. 2020. Potential drugs targeting early innate immune evasion of SARS-coronavirus 2 via 2'-O-methylation of viral RNA. Viruses. 12(5): 525.

Evrim C, Chu X, Laurien E. 2020. Analysis of thermal mixing characteristics in different T-junction configurations. Int J Heat Mass Tran. 158: 120019.

Evrim C, Laurien E. 2020. Numerical study of thermal mixing mechanisms in T-junctions. Appl Therm Eng. 116155.

Fernex D, Semaan R, Albers M, et al. 2020. Actuation response model from sparse data for wall turbulence drag reduction. Phys Rev Fluids. 5: 073901.

Flad D, Beck A, Guthke P. 2020. A large eddy simulation method for DGSEM using non-linearly optimized relaxation filters. J Comput Phys. 408: 109303.

Frey F, Thiemeier J, Öhrle C, et al. 2020. Aerodynamic interactions on Airbus Helicopters' compound helicopter RACER in cruise flight. J Am Helicopter Soc. 65(4): 1-14.

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