User Research

High-performance computing has become essential for advanced research across the basic sciences and engineering, making it possible to study extremely complex problems that would be impossible to investigate in any other way. Learn how scientists are using HLRS's computing resources for discovery and to develop new technologies.

Towards the Simulation of the Flow Phenomena at a Helicopter Rotor Using a High-order Method

Uncertainty Quantification in Direct Noise Computations of Cavity Feedback

Wall-Resolved Large Eddy Simulation of Complex Flows in Turbomachines

Numerical Simulation of Impinging Jets

Large Eddy Simulation of a Complete Francis Turbine

Shock-Related Buffeting in Aeroplanes

Numerical Simulation of Primary Break-up in Spray Painting Processes

Simulation of Turbulent Flows Interacting with Non-Spherical Particles

Fully Resolved Autoigniting Transient Jet Flame Simulation

Multi-Scale Study of Reactive Engine Spray

Simulation of Non-Ideal Effects in Shock-Tubes

Large-Eddy-Simulations of the Unsteady Aerodynamics of Oscillating Airfoils at Moderately High Reynolds Numbers