User Research Reports

Numerical Simulation of Rotary Wing Aerodynamics, Aeroelesticity and Aeroacoustics

The Δ Resonance in Elastic Nucleon-Pion Scattering

Bringing MD Simulations and Experiments Together

Simulations of Anisotropic Crystal Growth and Interaction with Flow Field

KIT Researchers Use Hawk to Capture Dynamic Changes in Sintering Processes

Hawk Supercomputer Helps Physicists Address the Sign Problem

Modelling the Near-Earth Space in Six Dimensions

Flow Control using Convergent-Divergent Riblets, a Type of Bio-Inspired Micro-Scale Surface Patterns

Defect Engineering in Two-Dimensional Materials: Insight from Atomistic Simulations

Finite-Size Particle Dynamics and Scalar Transport in Turbulent Open Channel Flow Over a Mobile Sediment Bed

Defect Engineering in Two-Dimensional Materials: Insight From Atomistic Simulations

MALEDRAG - Machine Learning Optimization for Drag Reduction in a Turbulent Boundary Layer

CARo – Computational Aeroacoustics of Rotors

Validating CFD with Large-scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations

When Porous Media Meets Turbulence

Revealing the Dynamics of Flames by Tracking Material Points in Highly Resolved Simulations

21st Century Climate in Africa: Regional Climate Simulations with COSMO-CLM


Direct Numerical Simulations of Compressible Turbulent Boundary Layers

Active Friction Drag Reduction in Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow

Direct Numerical Simulation of an Impinging Jet at Re=10,000

Compressible Multi-Phase Flow at Extreme Ambient Conditions

Towards the Simulation of the Flow Phenomena at a Helicopter Rotor Using a High-order Method

WRF Simulations to Investigate Processes Across Scales (WRFSCALE)

Uncertainty Quantification in Direct Noise Computations of Cavity Feedback

Allosteric Regulation of the Human Proteasome

Defect-Induced Phenomena in Perovskites under Realistic External Conditions (DEFTD)

Computational Chemistry for Advanced Functionalization of Inorganic Surfaces

Wall-Resolved Large Eddy Simulation of Complex Flows in Turbomachines

Molecular Simulations of Enzymes Under Reaction Conditions

Terra-Neo: Towards Earth Mantle Convection Simulation with Hierarchical Hybrid Multigrid Solvers

Numerical Simulation of Impinging Jets

Hadronic Contributions to the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon from Lattice QCD

Large Eddy Simulation of a Complete Francis Turbine

Shock-Related Buffeting in Aeroplanes

Numerical Simulation of Primary Break-up in Spray Painting Processes

Nucleon Properties from First Principles

Hadron Scattering and Resonance Properties from Lattice QCD

Seasonal Forecasts for the Horn of Africa

Granulation and Faraday Waves in Driven Quantum Systems

Simulation of Turbulent Flows Interacting with Non-Spherical Particles

Fully Resolved Autoigniting Transient Jet Flame Simulation

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Al-Mg-Alloys

Multi-Scale Study of Reactive Engine Spray

Simulation of Non-Ideal Effects in Shock-Tubes

Large-Eddy-Simulations of the Unsteady Aerodynamics of Oscillating Airfoils at Moderately High Reynolds Numbers

Frequency-Dependent Dielectric Polarizability of Nanocolloids and Polyelectrolytes in Electric Fields

Influence of Topography on the Turbulent Inflow of Wind Turbines in Complex Terrain

Accident Scenario in a Nuclear Power Plant

Two-Dimensional Inorganic Materials Under Electron Beam: Insights from Advanced First-Principles Calculations

Climate Change Studies for Germany

Simulation of Cavitation Phenomena in Francis Turbines

Emergent Locality in Quantum Systems with Long Range Interactions

Sulfur in Ethylene Epoxidation on Silver

High-Resolution Ocean Modelling on Unstructured Meshes

HEat (and Mass) Transfer in Turbulent Sprays - HETS

Hadronic Corrections to the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment

Simulating the Universe: Predictive Galaxy Formation towards the Smallest Scales

Petascale Computations for Atomic and Molecular Collisions: PAMOP and PAMOP2

The Emergence of Structures in the Next Generation of Hydrodynamical Cosmological Simulations

Unravelling the Interior Evolution of Rocky Planets through Large-Scale Numerical Simulations