User Research

High-performance computing has become essential for advanced research across the basic sciences and engineering, making it possible to study extremely complex problems that would be impossible to investigate in any other way. Learn how scientists are using HLRS's computing resources for discovery and to develop new technologies.

Bringing MD Simulations and Experiments Together

KIT Researchers Use Hawk to Capture Dynamic Changes in Sintering Processes

Defect Engineering in Two-Dimensional Materials: Insight from Atomistic Simulations

Defect Engineering in Two-Dimensional Materials: Insight From Atomistic Simulations

Validating CFD with Large-scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Defect-Induced Phenomena in Perovskites under Realistic External Conditions (DEFTD)

Computational Chemistry for Advanced Functionalization of Inorganic Surfaces

Granulation and Faraday Waves in Driven Quantum Systems

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Al-Mg-Alloys

Frequency-Dependent Dielectric Polarizability of Nanocolloids and Polyelectrolytes in Electric Fields

Two-Dimensional Inorganic Materials Under Electron Beam: Insights from Advanced First-Principles Calculations

Emergent Locality in Quantum Systems with Long Range Interactions