2022 Annual Report

Our 2022 annual report highlights new HLRS projects that are addressing challenges facing supercomputing as it moves to exascale, and includes an interview with physicist Thomas Schwitalla about the state of the art in large-scale atmospheric simulations. Other key developments at HLRS in 2022 included new applications of digital twins, simulation, and artificial intelligence in scientific research, industrial R&D, city planning, and energy transformation.


English / Deutsch (PDF)


  • Director's Welcome
  • Spotlight: Supercomputing at the Limits
    • On the Way to the Next Generation of High-Performance Computing
    • The Future of Atmospheric Simulation: An Interview with Thomas Schwitalla
  • News Briefs
  • News Highlights
    • EuroCC and CASTIEL Advance Toward Second Funding Phase
    • Virtual Reality Supports Transition to Renewable Energy
    • Community Outreach Demonstrates Uses of HPC for Sustainability and City Planning
    • CASE4Med Will Bring Supercomputing to the Medical Technology Industry
    • HPC Helps in Design of Quieter Fans and Motors
    • New HLRS Steering Committee Begins Term
    • Stuttgart Research Initiative Will Support Energy Transformation in Local Communities
    • Combining HPC with Computers in Wind Farms
    • Building Trust in the Face of Disinformation
  • HLRS by Numbers
  • User Research
    • When Stars Collide
    • Simulation for Better Batteries
    • HPC Helps Identify New, Cleaner Source for White Light
    • Selected Publications by Our Users in 2022
  • About Us
    • Inside Our Computing Room
    • User Profile
    • Third-Party Funded Research Projects
    • HPC Training Courses in 2022
    • Workshops and Conferences in 2022
    • Organization Chart
    • Departments

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