Stuttgart Mayor Dr. Frank Nopper Tours HLRS

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Ines Aufrecht (Head, Stuttgart Department of S21/Rosenstein and Future Projects) and Frank Nopper (Mayor, City of Stuttgart) tour HLRS's digital twin of the city in the CAVE, with a view overlooking city hall.

The visit on September 5 highlighted Stuttgart as a center for science and technology, and how HLRS’s activities and resources can support city planning and management.

In a press release issued by the city following the visit, Nopper called HLRS an “exemplary research center for the future,” adding, “Internationally recognized research takes place here in Stuttgart at the High-Performance Computing Center. Its high-performance computers support research in the natural sciences and engineering in our region and far beyond its borders.”

During the visit, scientists at HLRS introduced Nopper to projects addressing challenges facing the city and region. These included Cape Reviso, which is using virtual reality and other methods to address dangerous traffic situations, and Open Forecast, which developed methods for visualizing regional climate and air pollution models.

Accompanying Dr. Nopper were Ines Aufrecht and Ines Schwarzbach of the City of Stuttgart department responsible for coordinating Stuttgart 21, the new Rosenstein Quarter, and other future city planning efforts.

HLRS director Prof. Dr. Michael Resch remarked that such projects are examples of HLRS’s engagement with practical challenges that society faces and of how the center can support public administration: “In addition to providing computing research for advanced research, we are continually developing new applications of simulation, data analytics, visualization, and digital twins. Such tools can simplify decision-making in Stuttgart and other local communities, for example with respect to sustainability, mobility, and city planning.”