Photo Andreas Kaminski

Dr. Andreas Kaminski

Research Scientist

The fact that there is a philosophy department at a federal computing center is a unique affair. It gives us the opportunity to work together with our colleagues from simulation sciences and AI research on questions that concern both philosophy and computational sciences. Currently, these are mainly the epistemic opacity of and trust in models.

In addition to my work at HLRS, I am a visiting professor for philosophy of science and philosophy of technology at RWTH Aachen University. I myself have three thematic research areas:

  1. Philosophy of science and technology in the computational sciences.
  2. The philosophy of trust and testimony.
  3. The history of psychometrics

Methodologically, my work is oriented towards dialectics and phenomenology, and virtue ethics.

Currently, I am concerned with the following questions:

  • What role does technology play in cognitive processes (technical epistemology)?
  • What role does the sociality of cognitive processes play (social epistemology)?
  • How can our trust or distrust in models and information be justified?
Teaching activities
  • Ethics of computing
  • The digital in culture