Photo Christoph Niethammer

Dr.-Ing. Christoph Niethammer

Research Scientist

Christoph Niethammer studied physics and mathematics and followed up with a PhD in engineering. As a senior researcher at HLRS, he is interested in all kinds of large simulations. Currently, his main activities are related to MPI and performance optimization of applications.

Niethammer is an active member of the MPI Forum, which is driving forward the future of the MPI standard, and is involved in the development of the popular MPI implementation Open MPI. He is also the author of various software tools and test suites, as well as coauthor of the highly scalable ls1-MarDyn molecular dynamics code.

Additionally, Niethammer lectures on various HPC related topics, including Basic HPC, specifics of modern hardware, I/O, and parallel programming models such as MPI, OpenMP, and OpenCL. He has a long history working in national and European projects, including leading Centers of Excellence.

Teaching activities
  • Supercomputing Academy, CFD course
  • HLRS Cluster Workshop
  • Foundations of Computer Science
  • Simulation, Modelling, Optimization