Photo Ralf Schneider

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Schneider

Head, Numerical Methods & Libraries

As leader of the Department of Numerical Methods & Libraries, Dr. Ralf Schneider oversees a team that supports HLRS system users in developing, implementing, and optimizing numerical methods for large-scale simulations.

Dr. Schneider's scientific interests and expertise include the finite-element method, the setup of large, finite-element models, 3D image data segmentation, and parallel visualization.

Having initially trained in aeronautical and aerospace engineering, Dr. Schneider also conducts research involving biomechanical simulations of the material properties of bone tissues, and is developing methods for using simulation to customize medical implants in the context of personalized medicine.

Teaching activities
  • Numerische Methoden für Höchstleistungsrechner
  • Computerunterstützte Simulationsmethoden(MCAE) im modernen Entwicklungsprozess
  • Fortran for Scientific Computing