Numerical Methods and Libraries

The Department of Numerical Methods and Libraries provides numerical libraries and compilers for HLRS computing platforms. The department has expertise in implementing algorithms on different processors and HPC environments, including vectorization based on the architecture of modern computers. Department members also conduct research related to the simulation of blood flow and bone fracture in the human body, and are responsible for training courses focused on programming languages and numerical methods that are important for HPC.

Department Head

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Schneider


Related projects


This interdisciplinary Excellence Cluster at the University of Stuttgart is developing simulation technologies to enable integrative systems science.

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Focusing on a large-scale, high-resolution earth system model, TOPIO is investigating read and write rates for large amounts of data on high-performance file systems, as well as approaches that use compression to reduce the amount of data without causing a significant loss of information.

Image showing model of climate change across Europe and northern Africa.

Past projects


aqua3S is developing a new system for detecting threats in drinking water safety and security, combining data from state-of-the-art sensors and other detection mechanisms.

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SERRANO aims to introduce a novel ecosystem of cloud-based technologies, from specialized hardware resources to software toolsets, to enable application-specific service instantiation and optimal customization.

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