Photo Volodymyr Kushnarenko

Volodymyr Kushnarenko

Research Scientist

Volodymyr Kushnarenko works as a research scientist on the projects SDC4Lit (Science Data Center for Literature) and NFDI4Cat (National Research Data Infrastructure for Catalysis-Related Sciences). The main focus of his work lies on the preparation of the infrastructure and further installation and configuration of new data repositories.

Kushnarenko received his master’s degree from the Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU, Donetsk, Ukraine) in system programming. As a researcher, he is interested in various approaches of research data management (RDM) in science. As a research scientist at HLRS, he aims to develop a concept for publishing data from HPC data centers in common data repositories with minimal data transfer.

Teaching activities

Course “Data management” at the Supercomputing-Akademie