Innovative Algorithms for Applications on European Exascale Supercomputers
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Inno4scale will identify and provide funding to support the development of advanced algorithms and applications for upcoming European exascale systems.

Exascale supercomputers hold the potential to conduct much larger simulations much more quickly than ever before. However, taking full advantage of exascale systems will require both new methods and the redesign of existing algorithms in order for them to run efficiently. With the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking’s (JU) recent announcement that exascale supercomputers will soon be installed in Germany and France, the need for exascale-ready software is becoming urgent.

Inno4scale is supporting the JU’s rollout of new pre-exascale and exascale supercomputers by identifying and providing funding to support the development of algorithms and applications that are likely to benefit most from exascale capabilities. With a total budget of approximately 5 million Euros, the project is organizing an open call for proposals from researchers across the sciences — including mathematics, theoretical physics, and computer science, among other fields — interested in developing such applications. An independent panel of experts will review the proposals to identify those with the greatest potential to exploit the capabilities of new exascale systems. Researchers with the best proposals will then participate in Innovation Studies that will demonstrate novel approaches for solving large-scale challenges.

Building on experience gained in projects like Fortissimo and FF4EuroHPC, Inno4scale will facilitate the development of powerful new software that will ultimately benefit users of high-performance computing (HPC) in science, industry, and public administration. In addition, the project will reveal insights that will help the European HPC community address the unique technical challenges of computing at exascale. Finally, the open call will promote awareness across the European scientific community of the opportunities that Europe’s new exascale systems will offer, and could provide a boost to research communities that in the past have underutilized high-performance computing.

HLRS is leading communication, PR, and outreach activities to invite participation in Inno4scale across the scientific community, and to spread awareness of the project’s outcomes and impact by disseminating results as proofs of concept.


01. July 2023 -
31. March 2025


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Project partners

  • Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)
  • Scapos AG
  • High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)
  • Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE)


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