Media and the Arts

Visualization technologies including virtual reality and augmented reality have been finding increased interest among artists and arts organizations, both to create new kinds of artworks and to address technical challenges they face. In addition to supporting scientific and engineering research, the HLRS Visualization Department engages in multidisciplinary collaborations focused on technology development for new applications of visualization in the arts. Many of these activities take place in cooperation with the Media Solution Center Baden-Württemberg, cofounded by HLRS to promote innovation in the field using high-performance computing and related technologies.

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Digital twin of the Ludwigsburg Palace Theater

HLRS helped create a comprehensive digital model of the theater in virtual reality that will preserve and support study of the landmark, home to the oldest functional stage machinery in the world.

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Visualization supports renovation of the Stuttgart Opera House

Using 3D scanning and virtual reality, HLRS has been contributing to the planning for the upcoming redesign of this prominent theater.

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Artwork in virtual reality

Working with the HLRS visualization team, Brazilian artist Regina Silveira realized her virtual reality artwork "Infinities" at the center.