User Research

High-performance computing has become essential for advanced research across the basic sciences and engineering, making it possible to study extremely complex problems that would be impossible to investigate in any other way. Learn how scientists are using HLRS's computing resources for discovery and to develop new technologies.

Numerical Simulation of Rotary Wing Aerodynamics, Aeroelesticity and Aeroacoustics

Simulations of Anisotropic Crystal Growth and Interaction with Flow Field

Flow Control using Convergent-Divergent Riblets, a Type of Bio-Inspired Micro-Scale Surface Patterns

MALEDRAG - Machine Learning Optimization for Drag Reduction in a Turbulent Boundary Layer

CARo – Computational Aeroacoustics of Rotors

When Porous Media Meets Turbulence

Revealing the Dynamics of Flames by Tracking Material Points in Highly Resolved Simulations


Direct Numerical Simulations of Compressible Turbulent Boundary Layers

Active Friction Drag Reduction in Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow

Direct Numerical Simulation of an Impinging Jet at Re=10,000

Compressible Multi-Phase Flow at Extreme Ambient Conditions