Simulations of Anisotropic Crystal Growth and Interaction with Flow Field

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Comparison of morphology between (top) real snowflake experiments [1], (middle) our phase-field simulations[2], and (bottom) the simulations from [3]. Image: Otto von Guericke Universität

Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) with phase-field model has been performed to investigate the growth habit of a single ice crystal. Given the multitude of growth habits, pronounced sensitivity to ambient conditions and wide range of scales involved, snowflake crystals are particularly challenging. Only few models are able to reproduce the diversity observed regarding snowflake morphology. It is particularly difficult to perform reliable numerical simulations of snow crystals. Here, we present a modified phase-field model that describes vapor-ice phase transition through anisotropic surface tension, surface diffusion, condensation, and water molecule depletion rate.

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Principal Investigator

Prof. Dominique Thévenin

Otto von Guericke Universität, Institut für Strömungstechnik und Thermodynamik, Magdeburg, Germany