Visualization Department

The Visualization Department supports engineers and scientists in the visual analysis of data produced by simulations on high-performance computers. By providing technologies capable of immersing users in visual representations of their data, the department enables users to interact directly with it, reducing analysis time and enabling new kinds of insights. The department has expertise in tools such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and has designed a method for integrating processing steps spread across multiple hardware platforms into a seamless distributed software environment. Learn more about visualization at HLRS.

Department Head

Dr.-Ing. Uwe Wössner


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Cape Reviso

By combining machine learning, sensor technology, network analysis and virtual reality in digital twins, HLRS is developing planning and decision support tools for conflict analysis and reduction between cyclists and pedestrians.

Logo for Cape Reviso project.


InHPC-DE furthers the federation of the three national HPC centres in Germany, addresses new requirements such as security, and evaluates the Gaia-X ecosystem in the context of high-performance computing.


KoLab BW

This project is developing tools for meeting and collaborating from remote locations in three-dimensional virtual reality environments.

Photo of scientists oberving aerial visualization of city. in an inset, another wears a VR headset.

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