Photo of Uwe Wössner

Dr.-Ing. Uwe Wössner

Head, Visualization Department

Dr.-Ing. Uwe Wössner has been the head of the HLRS Visualization Department since 2004. He leads the coordination of all HLRS activities in the field of virtual reality, including providing visualization services for University of Stuttgart institutes and HLRS's industry partners.

In addition, Wössner has been a guest professor and guest lecturer at the IFOER, ITE, JASEC, TU-Vienna, Austria and at HSR, Rapperswil, Switzerland. He is also co-founder of VirCinity GmbH, and has served as a committee member for VR- and 3D user interface-related conferences such as IEEE VR, IEEE Vis, EuroVR, GI VRAR, SC21.

  • 2003 HPC Challenge International Award “Global Analysis of Arthropod Evolution”
  • 2006 HPC Bandwidth Challenge International Award
Scientific interests
  • VR based computational steering of simulations
  • Direct interaction techniques for analyzing scientific simulations in virtual environments
  • VRML in the CAVE
  • Combining BIM, VR and simulations
  • Collaborative Virtual Environments
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Digital Twins
Teaching activities
  • Lecture "Virtuelle und erweiterte Realität in der technischen wissenschaftlichen Visualisierung“.
  • Lecture "Modelling with 3D Studio Max for VR-Environments"
  • Lecture "Visualization of numerical simulation results with COVISE"