Photo of Gregor Weiss

Dr. Gregor Weiß

Scientific Software Developer

Dr. Gregor Weiss develops, implements, and optimizes software for large-scale numerical simulations as a member of the Department of Numerical Methods & Libraries.

Within the exaFOAM project, he is developing a parallel IO scheme optimized for distributed filesystems of modern supercomputers. The new features are implemented into OpenFOAM to push computational fluid dynamics towards the exascale era in HPC. Dr. Weiss also works in the aqua3S project to optimize and parallelize EPANET, a simulation package for hydraulics and quality control of water distribution systems.

Before joining the HLRS, Weiss investigated the dynamics of proteins and aqueous solutions through molecular dynamics simulations. He was a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich and received his PhD in theoretical physics from Humboldt University Berlin.