Service Management and Business Processes

This department is advancing the convergence of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence, in particular with the goal of supporting hybrid HPC/AI workflows on a single infrastructure. This includes developing AI solutions, specifically in a business context, using cutting-edge technologies for big data, machine learning, and deep learning. The group also conducts research on related virtualization technologies such as containers, orchestration, and job scheduling. Leveraging synergies between virtualization and HPC, it has gained expertise in the development and operation of dynamic and scalable cloud computing services. The group efficiently applies performance and availability monitoring, elastic workflow management, and energy-efficient operation for federated cloud environments.

Department Head

Dennis Hoppe


Related projects


This study will assess potential applications of high-performance computing (HPC) in crisis situations, and what organizational procedures are needed to ensure that HPC resources are immediately available.

Logo for CIRCE project.


DECICE is developing an open and portable cloud management framework that will enable the automatic and adaptive optimization of software applications for heterogeneous computing architectures.

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The goal of Gaia-X4ICM is to implement a scaling production platform based on the Gaia-X ecosystem for the InnovationCampus Mobility of the Future (ICM) to make Gaia-X more usable for production of planning systems, industrial controls, and sensor data, among other applications.



InHPC-DE furthers the federation of the three national HPC centres in Germany, addresses new requirements such as security, and evaluates the Gaia-X ecosystem in the context of high-performance computing.


Past projects


CATALYST researches methods for analyzing large datasets produced by modeling and simulation with the goal of implementing a framework that combines HPC and data analytics.

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HLRS is developing new software for quantum computers and investigating ways to integrate them with conventional systems for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.